Skyworth 32STD4000 FHD Smart LED Television 32inch (2023 Model)

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Skyworth 32STD4000 FHD 2K Smart LED Television 32inch (2023 Model)

Coolita Operating System

Coolita operating system is based on Linux kernel designed specifically for Smarts TVs. It offers user wide array of free entertainment options such as QJY Browser, YouTube, PLEX, Prime Video, ZEE5, YUPPTV, MEGOGO, CLASSIC MOVIES, FILMZIE and more pre-install apps.

Phone, Video and Laptop Casting

You can also able to share your mobile phone screen, content and movies into a bigger screen even in the absent of internet, all of this is made possible by Casting technology. Coolita casting feature comes in three options, Cast Your Phone, Cast a Video and Cast Your Laptop which is available on both iPhone and Android.

Wi-Fi Signal 2.4 G

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi signal it can detect is limited only to 2.4 G signal, better than nothing in my opinion. Since you need a power of internet to access most of the pre-installed applications.

Applications Loading

There is no shortcuts, after it goes online, it need sometimes to load all of install pre-installed application to appears on your screen. Just keep refreshing it. In my own experience, it takes somewhere 5 to 6 minutes before it successfully loaded.

Front Design

The design of this Skyworth was called boundless display, 32-inch Smart TV. Meaning 98% of the screen to body ratio is dedicated to serve as display or lighted portion. Therefore, 31-inch is fair enough however, the result on actual measurement goes beyond expectation. It reach 31.50-inch lighted portion. Above is the actual image Coolita OS based Smart TV.

Back Cover Design

The back cover is made of galvanized sheet plate painted in black blended with nice curves and edges, makes it elegant. Please refer to image above as the actual photo of it’s back cover.

Diamond Edge Design

While a diamond edge design is noticeable on the edge. This nicely designed edge makes the TV back cover looks smart. However, in real life, no one is really paying attention to a back cover.

Hardware Info

According to the actual image above, the data was found inside factory settings stated that the CPU is 1.896Ghz Quad Cortex-A53. GPU is ARM Dvallin MP2, RAM is undefined, ROM or EMMC is 4GB. All of this components is attached to AMLOGIC_AB311 board.

Available Input Ports

Available inputs are as follows, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 Antenna port, 3.5mm audio out jack, 2 HDMI ports, RCA jack and a RJ 45 input for your network. Aside for this physical ports, it also comes with a 2.4G Wi-Fi adapter.

Power Cord and Input

Power cord is nicely place on the side of the back cover. Nothing to say about it, however, if you are looking for a power cord replacement of your Skyworth 32STD4000, we know where to buy it. And for your safety, I will personally suggest to get one from them. I will provide you the link soon.

Stand Design

Like the other 2022 Skyworth models, this variant is also equipped with what they called a twin tower stand design. With the design it really blend on any table and household. However, if you want to install it on your wall, then much better. Now if your looking for authorized installer, then I personally know someone who do it for you.

32STD4000 Air Vents

Most of us do not pay attention to the air vents at the back of the TV which is one factor to be consider if you want to last it longer. Why, because a hot air needed a exhaust to get out.