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The Fakir Sierra mixer is among the kitchen equipment that is frequently preferred by both professionals and beginners.

You can adjust the different speed settings according to the materials you mix or knead. The speed settings available on the Fakir hand mixer give you more control in the kitchen. Practice,Versatile Usability The electrically operated Fakir Sierra hand mixer is more practical to use than kneading dough or whisking ingredients by hand. Manual whisking and kneading requires more power and more time. By using this mixer equipped with technological features, you can get the results you want in a short time without tiring yourself. The device, which is designed in an ergonomic structure, does not cause unwanted situations such as hand and wrist pain even after long-term use. You may need a whisk and dough mixer to prepare meals, desserts, sauces, purees and more. The Sierra hand mixer gives you more than just whisking eggs. With this mixer, you can prepare your cake, cookie, puree and salad dressing mixes in minutes. On the other hand, with the dough kneading apparatus of the hand mixer, bread, pastry,You can effortlessly knead doughnuts and many other pastries and make them ready. Thanks to the Fakir Sierra hand mixer, you can prepare your mixtures homogeneously. Homogeneous mixture is very important especially for pastries such as cakes and breads to have the perfect consistency. Effortless Use, Easy Cleaning Manually mixing, whisking and kneading to prepare meals, desserts and snacks can be really tiring. In addition to the physical power you spend, doing these operations manually may come back as an extra dish for you. When you use the Sierra hand mixer, you do not need to use spoons, whisks, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. You can prevent kitchen clutter by placing the beater and kneading apparatus of the hand mixer and plugging the device in.