FAKIR FK-WK1103 Kettle

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The kettle, which is perhaps the most important of the small electrical appliances that speed up household chores, will be a guest in your homes with the assurance of Fakir.

  • Fakir WK 1103 Kettle allows you to spend more time for yourself by boiling water quickly when needed. Combining durability and functionality with the elegance of glass, Fakir WK 1103 brings style to your kitchens with its stylish design.
  • Fakir WK 1103 is a fast and safe kettle. The product has an automatic shutdown feature. It automatically shuts off immediately after the water boils and prevents running without water due to evaporation. It has a very large water reservoir. It allows you to heat as much water as you need at once. It has a very stylish design. The glass body is heat resistant. There is a blue LED light indicator on the body. When this led indicator is lit, it indicates that the device is working. The handle of the Fakir WK 1103 does not conduct heat. In this way, your hand will not burn while carrying the boiling water somewhere. Fakir WK 1103 offers you a fast, secure and stylish user experience.
  • Fakir WK 1103 kettle has a safety locked lid. Water does not overflow during boiling.
  • The product has protection against boiling water and overheating. The resistance of the device is stainless steel. The device can rotate 360 ​​degrees and can be picked up from all directions. Thanks to the cable storage slot, it does not cause a messy appearance where it is used.