LG StanbyME Go- 27inch Smart Screen

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2023 LG StanbyME Go- 27inch Smart Screen

Front view of the product showing the logo

LG StanbyME Go is placed on a checkered picnic blanket with left side forward, displaying a weather themed home screen.

Free to go anywhere

With the LG StanbyME Go, you’re free to go and explore the joy of
entertainment wherever you are.

Your screen, your way

  • StanbyME Go is placed on the wooden table, and the screen shows coral turntable music skin.

  • StanbyME Go is placed in the meeting room in office. The screen shows a fashion presentation. A woman touches the screen.

  • Close-up of StanbyME Go. It shows the texture of its case.

  • StanbyME Go is placed on top the wooden shelf filled with LPs. The screen is closed, showing the strap.

  • A hand is holding an LG remote.

  • StanbyME Go is placed on the patio table, and the screen is set on table mode, displaying the home screen. A man is about to touch one of the apps, while a woman is chilling out.

A man is carrying the LG StanbyME Go thanks to its carry bag design.
Carry Bag Design

Carry the enjoyment

Take your screen with you wherever you go. It’s built into a carry bag—easy to move and easy to store.
Close-up of LG StanbyME Go. The product is placed on a table, and the screen rotated horizontally. A hand is touching an icon.
27” FHD Touchscreen

Touch, swipe, and enjoy

Touch and control the 27" screen intuitively. Swipe down to control brightness, volume, and power. Swipe up to instantly return to the home screen.

*The touch screen feature may vary by the app and connected device, and certain operations may not be supported.
*Apps in home screen vary by country.

The LG StanbyME Go is placed in front of a tent, and the screen displays one of the relaxing themes--a fireplace. On the left top corner, built-in battery icon is shown.
Built-in Battery

Wireless your life

The LG StanbyME Go’s 3-hour built-in battery lets you enjoy movies, games, and more wherever you go.

*The 3-hour duration is based on using the device in eco mode, but actual battery usage may vary depending on conditions.

Front view of LG StanbyME Go. The product is placed in the car, the screen rorated horizontally, showing home screen. On the bottom-left side of the image, military spec icon is shown.
Worry-Free Design

Care less, enjoy more

Average bumps and thumps can’t stop the LG StanbyME Go. Its durability has been verified through US military-grade testing.

*The product is not waterproof.

Military spec icons are shown. From left, shock, high

Flexible Stand

View it your way

Horizontal or vertical—you can have the best of both worlds. Rotate the screen and enjoy vertical content on full screen. It also has a phone cradle to mount right next to it.

A stroboscopic image of the LG StanbyME Go. As it moves forward to right side, the screen rotates from horizontal to vertical.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. The screen does not operate automatically.
*Screen rotation:Clockwise 90˚/Tilt: 90˚/Height adjustment:180mm(Based on landscape mode).
*Apps in home screen vary by country.

'Discover new enjoyment' text gif. To highlight 'enjoyment', text color and pattern changes.

Turntable Music Skins

Suited to your space.
Fit to your mood.

Decorate your space with gorgeous turntable music skins that play to your aesthetic. Choose from modern white, retro wood, and three pastel colors that suit your mood.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Father and son plays chess game through the LG StanbyME Go. In the middle of the image, Chess game icon is shown.

*Download the games through the Apps.
*The games in the Apps can vary by country.
*The touch screen feature may vary by the app and connected device, and certain operations may not be supported.

The LG StanbyME Go is placed in the garden, and the screen shows under the sea. In front of the screen a cat is sitting on a stool, trying to catch a turtle in the screen.

More to watch.
Much to enjoy.

Download your streaming services of choice and spend more time streaming your favorites.

OTT streaming services icon are placed in a row. From left-top; Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO NOW,YouTubeTV, Disney+. And Apple TV+.

*LG StanbyME Go must be connected to a wireless network so as to support streaming services.

Sound all around

Whether the screen is set on table, horizontal or vertical mode it delivers optimized sound EQ with the 3-way sound optimizer. Experience Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos come together for full immersion.

*Dolby, Dolby Atmos® and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

LG StanbyME Go is placed on the pastel colored table with left side forward. On top of the image, the brighness icon is shown. To illustrate auto brightness control feature, half of the image is bright and the other half is dimmed.
Auto Brightness Control

True visual comfort,
day or night

The screen automatically adjusts its brightness according to your surroundings— you can binge-watch your favorite content with optimal illumination.
Rear view of the LG StanbyME Go, and it's placed right in front of the patio table. A woman is chilling out on the beach chair, control the screen with her voice. To illustrate this, a speech bubble with Hi, LG text is shown on the right side of her.
Hands-Free Voice Control

Hi LG, turn up the volume

Control your LG StanbyME Go hands-free. It recognizes your voice even from a distance.

*The hands-free voice control is disabled at the initial setting due to privacy. It can be used after activating it in the menu.
*The product needs to be connected to the internet.