LG 25Kg Top Load Washer T25H9EFHTP AI DD™ ,TurboWash™, Allergy Care™

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Smart and Advanced Laundry
  • Showing AIDD™ technology
    Fabric Care
    Optimized motions applied based on the weight and fabric type in each load through AIDD™ technology
  • It is spraying water in four directions using a 3D multi-nozzle.
    Powerful & Fast Wash
    Laundry thoroughly cleaned in less than 40 minutes with TurboWash3D™
  • It shows a variety of laundry options.
    Intelligent Control
    Personalized laundry options created based on your washing patterns
  • There is a sound icon on the washing machine.
    Quiet Operation
    Noise reduction through vertical and horizontal dampers and sensors

Intelligent Care for Greater Fabric Protection

Automatically optimize motion based on the weight and fabric type in each load.

Video on the washing machine panel
Intelligent Control

Creates Personalized Laundry Options Based on Your Usage

Turn on this feature to enjoy custom laundry options based on your previous washing patterns.

Washing machine panel associated association
*The 'Auto Arrange Programs' feature arranges programs in order of most frequently used when a mode is used more than 10 times.
*The 'Auto Arrange Programs' feature adapts default options to include your custom options if the same custom options are used more than three times consecutively.
*Tested by Intertek with 5.5 kg IEC load. Normal cycle with TurboWash option. Results may vary depending on the environment.

An Optimal Way to Wash

6 washing motions powered by the Inverter Direct Drive Motor™ create 6 optimized cycles to wash fabric.


LG ThinQ™

Smart Control, Smart Life

Simple Control with Voice Assistant

Tell your washer exactly what you need, when you need it. Say, “What cycle is the washer?” and the AI speaker will listen and check the cycle to let you know.

The woman is sitting by the window telling the ai speaker what the washing machine needs.
*Support for smart home devices that are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant may vary by country and your individual smart home setup.
It shows the inside of the washing machine.
Wide Lint Filter

Larger Filter Keeps the Drum Clean

A woman and a baby are smelling the scent from the laundry.

Enjoy Fresher Fabric for Longer

A woman and a baby are smelling the scent from the laundry.

Steam Away Allergens and Bacteria

It shows the background of soft cloth.
Motor Reliability

Long-lasting Inverter Direct Drive

1. Tested by Intertek with T13H7EHDSTP. Normal cycle with Scent+ option on compare with Normal cycle without Scent+ option. 3.5 kg IEC towel load. The results may be different depending on the clothes and environment.
2. Allergy Care cycle approved by US intertek for reduction in exposure to House Dust Mite allergen, Cat allergen, Dog allergen, Pollen allergen, Fungi, and Bacteria(Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus faecalis).
3. Limited warranty does not cover repairs when your product is used in other than normal and usual household use (e.g. commercial use, in offices and recreational facilities) or contrary to the instructions outlined in the product's owner's manual.