EZQuest Ultimate USB-C MultiMedia Hub Adapter 3.0 Power (13 Ports)

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Stream, Connect and Charge

The EZQuest ultimate USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter connects your Mac’s USB-C port to two HDMI 4K 60Hz displays or VGA port to extend or mirror the computer’s display screen, while also connecting up to four standard USB 3.0 or 2.0 devices. The port utilizes the latest Power Delivery version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts (20V/5A) for quickest and safest charging. High speed Gigabit Ethernet lets you have uninterrupted internet or network connection with LED indicator that shows the connection status. Also it features simultaneous read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader. The USB-C 10Gb/s port allows for the optimum 10Gb/s data transfer rate while connecting any USB-C external storage devices. Charge your USB-C Smart Devices thru this USB-C port with up to 7.5 Watts. Stream movies in full 4K HDMI, stay connected with your Gigabit Ethernet line directly to the internet or your network for high performance, sustained, and secure connection. Charge your iOS devices, access your standard USB , SDHC and SDHC Micro storage devices.

The EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter comes with a longer cable 16 cm/6.25 inch and our EZ connect-disconnect grip so no need to hold your MacBook in order to connect or disconnect our hub. This hub is also equipped with 3.5mm Audio Jack with Microphone (2 in 1) to connect wired external audio devices. Our audio jack wont disable any internal speaker on computer unless an audio device is connected. EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter will allow you to take full advantage of your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Efficient Work Flow with Dual HDMI Extended Mode

You can create extended mode display and expand your work throughout the 2nd and 3rd or even 4th display so you can work faster and more efficient with up to 4K 60Hz for each display on HDMI ports. You can also mirror your MacBook display in up to 1080p at 30Hz or UHD (3840x2160) at 60Hz. Simply connect the adapter to the USB-C port on your MacBook and then to your display, TV or projector via an HDMI cable (sold separately).

Latest Power Delivery 3.0 with Fast Role Swap

The Ultimate Hub features the latest USB-C Power Delivery version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts. It also utilizes the USB PD 3.0 Fast Role Swap technology which helps to prevent data loss and keep the 2nd monitor on if the USB-C power cable is disconnected from the hub while your MacBook display is open. (Except when bus-powered external drive is connected)


  • Designed for Apple MacBook Pro or Air with dual Thunderbolt/USB-C ports on one side.
  • Monitor: Operate dual HDMI 4K 60Hz external displays to create extended or mirror mode with HDCP on MacBooks with Intel Chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max. Due to Apple M1 and M2 chip limitation you can only use one external display.
  • Data: USB-C Port 10Gb/s, Two USB-A 3.0 Ports 5Gbs, Two USB-A 2.0 Ports 480Mbs. Total shared data is 10Gbs.
  • Power Input: One USB-C 100W Power Delivery port version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 85W output and FRS technology.
  • Power Output: USB-C Port 5V/1.5A (7.5W), Two USB-A 3.0 Ports 5V/0.9A (4.5W), Two USB-A 2.0 Ports 5V/0.5A (2.5W). Total shared power is 15W.
  • Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
  • High speed Gigabit Ethernet network connection
  • Simultaneously read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack with Microphone 2 in 1
  • 16 CM/6.25 inch cable with EZ connect-disconnect grip
  • LED power indicator
  • VGA Port
  • USB-A ports will not support Apple SuperDrive (we recommend using our X40100 USB-C to USB-A Female Mini Adapter to connect your SuperDrive directly to your Mac)
  • 1-Year Worry Free Warranty and our 5 star customer service
  • Content: EZQuest 13-in-1 Hub (Part No. X40213), and Manual


  • Part Number: X40213
  • UPC Code: 694307402133
  • Input: 2 X Thunderbolt 3
  • Output: 2 X HDMI 4K 60Hz, VGA 1080P 60Hz
    (see the resolution chart for different set ups)
  • 1 X USB-C, 100 Watts USB-C with Power Delivery 3.0
  • 1 X USB-C 10Gb/s, 5V/1.5A (7.5 Watts) for charging
  • 1 X RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet with LED indicator
  • 1 X SDHC and 1 X Micro SDHC Card Reader
  • 2 X 5Gbs USB 3.0 with 5V - 0.9A (4.5 Watts) charging output for each ports
  • 2 X USB 2.0 with 5V - 0.5A (2.5 Watts) charging output for each ports
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack with Microphone 2 in 1
  • Thunderbolt 3/4 Compatible
  • Unit Length: 34 CM/13.4 Inches (including the 16 CM cable)
  • Dimension: L 55mm X W 144mm X H 14.7mm
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • One (1) year limited warranty


  • Intel Based Mac’s with 2 USB-C Ports
  • M1 Based MacBook Pro 13” and Air 2020*

*Due to Apple M1 limitation on MacBook Pro 13” & Air 2020, you can only use one extended external display.